Hello world!


Now there’s a thing, just finished writing a book. That’s not the hard part by so far its silly. Editing that’s something else, and I found that out the hard way (I thought) when the precious missive came back covered in red ink. Just how much work it took to put it all there floored me….especially when it took me three times as long to get rid of it all. I made most of the changes…kept a few that were special to me and had a think.

So, a big shout out to LE Fitzpatrick who has a work ethic second to none and more patience than is usual with Luddite writers.

Just to bore or tantalize depending here is a snippet from The Grubbers book one of The End Game trilogy.


Vella had gone down to the flight deck. The maintenance people had finished with Delta Four and as he walked the flight line he wondered. why do men think of these pieces of metal as she, he thought, looking round at the other flight craft in the meticulous symmetry of the flight deck.


In the hard light of the hanger the Growler looked anything but feminine. Angular, slab sided, functional, unenhanced by the dull matte gray-green sensor neutral surface which seemed to both reflect and absorb the light that fell on it feminine was not a word which would spring to mind. Yet within its pure, stark functionality, there was a singular beauty to be seen. None would mistake it for anything other than a predator. Hunkered down on its new Lander, it had an air of waiting, almost hungry for the flesh and blood of its crew to bring it awake. Vella shook his head. Three years and forty missions down was a long time: too long perhaps. Of late there had been a growing feeling of needing more. More of what? He asked himself. He shook his head, no answer yet forthcoming but he could not shake the feeling that the more than budding relationship with Collie was mixed in there somehow.




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