Wellmark book two of the TOLK series

A Snippet.

The waters in the bathing pool were a shock. The influences of his Dragon self flared and threatened to overwhelm his human self. Diron Maa stood frozen thigh deep in the waters battling, calming and finally quieting the impulses to take Dragon form. He came fully to himself aware that he was being stared at by Tirrin from the far side of the pool. She moved slowly toward him frowning slightly.

“Are you troubled Mage? She asked. “I sensed a vast power waking and had to shield myself.”

“All is balanced again Tirrin.” Diron Maa said suddenly aware of the proximity of the female form and a renewed stirring of the Dragon within. Tirrin nodded not taking her eyes from his.

“Kinsel my roommate is a changeling. To use a Wellmark term you have similar coloration when…” She faltered and seemed to Diron Maa aware of him in ways far different from their student-mentor relationship.

He was startled and understanding came somewhat slowly that they were in a public place and they needed to be elsewhere.

Diron Maa woke feeling hungry and turned over in bed to find Tirrin had left. He lay back and tried to settle his thoughts. He had well learned from Kalath that Dragon kind had different sensibilities and the concept of jealousy was foreign to them. Tirrin had woken a vision both vast and beautiful in ways he had never encountered or imagined.

It slowly dawned on him that what they had experienced was unique to them and there was another bonus. Their passion had firmly settled the nascent emergence of his Dragon self unless called. His humanity had reasserted itself in the most fundamental manner possible and he was thankful. Now I must talk with Tirrin. All things are now new between us. He thought.



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